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Are you a young carer?


Are you under 18 and looking after a family member who can’t manage on their own? There is support available so that you don’t have to go through this alone. Perhaps you know someone who is a young carer and would benefit from support.

A young carer can be anybody who is under the age of 18 and spending a lot of time looking after a family member who has one of the following:

  • a long term illness
  • a physical disability
  • mental health illness
  • a drug or alcohol problem

A young carer could be helping their family member with the cooking, shopping, helping them to get washed and dressed, organising their bills, or anything else the person needs but is unable to do without help. Some young carers may find it hard emotionally, which can have an effect on their relationships, school attendance and achievements.

There are thousands of children and young people across the UK who look after or ‘care for’ a family member who can’t manage without this support. There could be thousands more ‘hidden’ young carers who do this without being noticed and getting the support and help themselves.

What support is available for young carers?

CHUMS Young Carers Support Service

Chums Young Carers offers a support network for young carers across Luton.  If you want support, following an initial telephone call, we will arrange for a home or school visit to gather some information about your situation and agree a plan to support you.

We offer:

  • support with issues you may find challenging at school, at home or with relationships
  • group activities with other young carers and a chance to meet others in similar circumstances and for you to share your thoughts and experiences
  • individual mentoring  where appropriate
  • activities and days out for young carers and family fun days
  • opportunities to learn more about illnesses and conditions

Young Carers group sessions are also available in some Luton schools.

For more information and a programme of activities please contact:

  • CHUMS Young Carers on 01525 863924
  • Facebook on ‘CHUMS’
  • CHUMS, Wrest Park Enterprise Centre, Wrest Park, Silsoe, MK45 4HS.
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