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Adult social care: policies and strategies


Our vision for adult social care is that people in Luton with health and social care needs will lead a ‘good’ everyday life with the people they value in the community they call home; with an equal voice in planning their own care and support.

Adult social care strategy

We've developed a new adult social care strategy to set out our vision for the coming years, setting out our priorities to help the people of Luton live long, healthy and fulfilled lives. Each priority is accompanied by ‘we will’ statements, that make it clear to people what they can expect to happen and will guide further decisions on service improvements.

We have developed these from discussions with a wide range of people but will be keeping this under review to ensure the voice of the community is fully reflected.

A full version of our strategy can be found at the bottom of this page.


Commissioning is a process where we look at local needs and decide how to spend our budget to get the best possible outcomes for individuals and communities.  Our Market Position Statement supports this by providing an overview of our current care market and demographic profile. It also includes key information for current and future providers to assist them with service development that both meets the needs of and demand from people in need of care and support in Luton now and in the future and ensures alignment with our strategic priorities and vision.

Our Market Position Statement will also allow us to design specific strategies that will meet local needs. Once these have completed the executive process they will be available on this page.


Please note that our policies are currently under review as we implement a new practitioner toolkit. Once finalised, a link to these policies will be provided on this page.

Local account

Each year we produce a local account or an annual report on Adult Social Care for the people of Luton. This describes how we are performing as a service alongside our priorities and potential areas of improvement for the year ahead.


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