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Luton Borough Council

Support for people with hearing impairment


If you have a hearing impairment which impacts on your day-to-day life, there is help available from our Sensory Service.

We support and promote the independence and wellbeing of adults who have a hearing impairment that impacts on their day-to-day activities.

How can the Sensory Service help me?

Our service will:
  • give guidance in accessing information
  • liaise with, and refer to, other agencies providing support
Based on your individual situation, our service may be able to provide information, training, referrals and some equipment such as:
  • specialist equipment to alert you to doorbell, telephone and smoke alarms
  • referral to Audiology for support, advice and equipment
  • referral to POhWER advocacy services for support and advice
  • referral to Luton Rights/ Citizen’s Advice Bureau for support, information and advice
  • referral to the fire service for smoke detectors 

How do I get help from the Sensory Service?

So that we can work out which services will be the most suitable for you, we need to look at your individual situation. We call this an ‘assessment of care needs’.
Follow this link to read more about your assessment of care needs.
To access most of our services you will need to meet our eligibility criteria.
Follow this link to read more about eligibility criteria.
To request an assessment of care needs please contact our Customer Service Centre on the numbers below. 

Other help available

Other organisations that may be able to help include:
Action on Hearing Loss
PohWER Advocacy
Hearing Link
Connevans: for specialist equipment
Sarabec: for specialist equipment
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