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Adult day services

We offer a number of different day opportunities to support people with a learning disability to reach their full potential.

Our service

Community Choices promotes individual wellbeing and the ongoing development of life skills. Where possible we want our customers to experience life in their communities so we encourage customers to take steps to improve their confidence and enjoy more independence.

Every customer has the opportunity to set their own goals, and the services and activities they take part in will reflect their individual abilities and aims.

Activities could include sensory sessions, learning life skills such as cooking and money management, and accessing libraries, museums or sports activities in the local community.

People using adult day services

Our groups

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This day opportunity is for customers with profound and multiple learning disabilities and customers based at a newly built specialist development in Stopsley.

Activities and services include rebound therapy, wheelchair exercises, massage therapy, Snoozelun (sensory based activity), sensory games and music and craft sessions. We ensure customers at Bramingham have access to activities which are engaging and stimulating and we work with customers to help them learn and develop new skills.

Our specialist Autism service is also based at the newly built specialist development in Stopsley.

Activities for this group are based on structured learning to support customers to focus on tasks and learn new skills including budgeting and managing their money. Our curriculum is based on the TEACCH principles, which help to prepare people with autism to live or work more effectively at home and in the community.

This group is engaged in the local community and enjoy attending activities such as swimming, cycling and other physical activities. For many customers in this group, we find that as they continue to experience life in their communities they become more confident and increasingly independent.

These services are for more able customers who enjoy regular outings in the local community. Customers in this group are encouraged to be as independent as possible and are supported to use public transport to access activities and opportunities in Luton.

Customers based at High Town and Farley benefit from sessions which help them to be increasingly independent. For example customers learn about basic money management, planning shopping lists and cooking for themselves. They also choose to visit different venues or participate in a wide range of activities including dance, drama, cinema trips and bowling.

Customers accessing these services are supported to be as independent and confident as possible. The most able customers are also encouraged to take on volunteering roles and where possible, customers are supported to move into our New Horizons supported employment programme.

Hockwell is for more able customers whose disability might mean they are more vulnerable and need additional support to improve their confidence and independence. This service is tailored to meet customer needs at specific times, taking into account that abilities and support needs can change regularly.

Customers based at Hockwell are encouraged, where possible, to use public transport. This group enjoys regular outings in the community and participates in activities across a range of venues. This group enjoys activities such as yoga, swimming, rebound therapy, assisted bikes, massage, music, creative arts as well as sessions on learning new skills including basic money management and shopping for themselves.

The Hockwell group are supported to learn and develop new life skills and as a result enjoy improved levels of confidence and independence.

Our team

Each customer will be assessed by a social worker who will work with them, their parents and carers to develop a care and support plan, to outline their goals and ensure their needs are met.

Our committed and highly trained staff will then support customers to engage in the activities which will enable them to achieve these goals.

Find out more

We encourage you to get in touch if you have any questions or if you would like to arrange a visit to the service. Please contact Janine Macey on 01582 548570 or [email protected].

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