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Direct Payments Support Service


This free service can help you with all aspects of managing your direct payments

If you choose to receive direct payments, you will also have to take on some responsibilities for the way the payments you receive are managed.

If you are concerned about doing this yourself you can use a free service, offered by the Disability Resource Centre, called the Direct Payments Support Service, which can help manage these responsibilities for you on your behalf.
Or if you would rather do it yourself the service can provide information and support to help you along the way.

Who can use the Direct Payments Support Service?

Anyone who is receiving direct payments to pay for their care needs can use this service. Although the service is run by the Disability Resource Centre you do not have to be registered disabled to benefit.
After your care needs have been assessed by us you will be contacted by a direct payments support worker. They will be able to give you all the information for you to decide if direct payments are the right choice for you.

How does the Direct Payment Support Service manage my payments?

If you choose to receive direct payments you will be responsible for how they are used and there must be records of how the money has been spent.
We can make your payments into a traditional bank account, or into a ‘managed account’, if you require additional support. This is an account held by Direct Payment Support Service. We pay your direct payment money into the managed account and then the Direct Payment Support Service pays your care providers from it. 

Help with your role as an employer if you hire a personal assistant

If you decide you would you like to hire a personal assistant you will have to take the extra responsibilities of being their employer.
The Direct Payments Support Service can help you to do this by explaining your duties, helping you to advertise and interview, and providing a payroll service.

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The Direct Payments Support Service
The Disability Resource Centre, Poynters House, Poynters Road,, Dunstable, Beds, LU5 4TP
Tel: 01582 470900

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