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Luton Learning Disability Parent and Carer's Forum


Join the Luton Learning Disability Parent and Carer's Forum and have your say about local services for people with learning disabilities.

The forum is open to all parents and carers of adults with a learning disability.

The forum is there to:

  • discuss matters covered by the Carers Partnership Board and to feed back the views of carers on relevant issues, actions taken and actions planned for the future
  • support the Carers Partnership Board in shaping the way future services need to develop
    be a point of reference for consultations on service delivery matters for people with a learning disability and their carers
  • discuss matters related to the rights of, and services provided for, people with learning disabilities and their carers; inviting guests to either inform the group or discuss issues
  • contribute to the work of the Learning Disability Partnership Board in implementing the ‘Valuing People Now’ strategies and objectives

Where and when are meetings held?

Meetings are held roughly every 12 weeks at the Bramingham Centre, Weltmore Road, LU3 2TN.

They normally last for about 90 minutes and are held in the evenings.

There are also regular informal coffee mornings at the Bramingham Centre.

How can I get involved?

If you would like to come along to a meeting, please contact the carers development officer on the numbers below.

Contact info
Carers' development officer
Clemitson House, 14 Upper George Street, Luton, LU1 2RP
Tel: 01582 547541

[email protected]


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