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Carer's breaks: So you can take time out from caring

Here you can find out about the different care services we can provide for the person you care for, so that you can take a break from your caring duties.

Taking a short break from your caring duties every now and again is an important way for you to ‘recharge your batteries’.
You may have a hobby you want to pursue, or you might want to catch up with friends and family, or you might just want some time to yourself.

What is a carer’s break?

We may be able to help you to take some time out from your caring responsibilities by providing help for the person you care for – either in their own home, in day centres, or in a care home. We call this type of respite care “carer’s breaks”. It can also be valuable for the person needing support too, as it is a change of routine and a chance for them to meet new people and to have new experiences.

Carer’s breaks are for your benefit and wellbeing. But it is very important that the care provided is suitable for the person you care for, and that they agree to this service.

Types of carer’s breaks

Respite day care

This is where the person you care for can spend some time in a variety of day centres in the community. They will have the chance to mix with other people and do the type of activities that they enjoy in a safe environment.

Sitting service

If the person needing care cannot be left unattended while you go out, a sitting service may be provided. This is where someone else comes into their home to be with them so that you can go out and have some time of your own. The sitting service is for up to 4 hours a week.

Carer’s short break

This is when the person you care for has a temporary stay in a residential or nursing home, or a learning disabilities respite unit. You might want to plan your carer’s short break in advance. Maybe you need to make arrangements for a special day out or you want to book a trip away, or maybe you need to give your family and friends enough notice so they can arrange the time off too.

Other breaks

If the person you care for you would prefer to choose a service to meet their care and support needs, which is not directly funded by us, and which will also allow you to a take a break, then we may be able to pay the money to them so that they can arrange this service.

For carers of adults with a learning disability:

Respite accommodation

We use many different places where adults with a learning disability can have a short stay. Usually the person will have their own room in a house, or other building, which is also shared by other people with a learning disability and with care staff on site. Choosing which venue and service is most appropriate is based of the needs of the individual.

Shared Lives

This scheme provides accommodation and support to adults with a learning disability in the homes of people living in the community. Potential Shared Lives carers have to undergo an in-depth training programme before being approved. Shared Lives offers a number of benefits to both the individual and their carer and allows people with a learning disability to live as part of a family.

Am I eligible for a carer’s break?

We will need to look at your individual situation to see if you qualify for a carer’s break and if we feel it will help you. To do this you will need a carer’s assessment.

Carer’s breaks are for the benefit of you – for your wellbeing. But it is very important that the services we provide for the person you care for are:

  • suitable for their care needs and…
  • they agree to this service

So if they haven’t already had one, the person you care for will also need an assessment of care needs.

Will I have to pay?

The cost of care services will vary depending on the type of service required.

During your assessment your needs will be discussed with you, and we will help you to access the service required to meet those needs.

For some services there may be a charge, and for others, such as the sitting service, there is no charge.
For services where there is a charge, such as the carer’s short break, the person you care for will need to have a financial assessment to decide if, and how much, they will have to pay.

Where can I find local support services?

You can find local support services to cover while you are on a carer's break, or to support you at any time, in our online directory of services.

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