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Our waste and recycling standards


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Domestic waste and recycling standards

The service standard for domestic waste document gives details of our service for providing domestic recycling and refuse collections.

Why do we need a service standard?

  • to contribute towards our vision to Waste less, Recycle more
  • to ensure all residents are aware of their responsibilities in relation to waste and recycling collections in Luton
  • to increase the quality and quantity of recycling collected from households in Luton
  • to ensure that we maintain safe, sustainable, economic and efficient waste and recycling collections for all householders in Luton

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Please help us by...

  • putting the correct materials in the correct bins
  • placing your waste container out for collection before 6am on your allocated collection day
  • remove your waste containers from pavement or road no later than 7pm on the collection day
  • numbering your waste containers with a house number/name to reduce the risk of it being lost/stolen and help the crews put it back in the right place
  • being courteous to the crews during their rounds and showing patience when driving behind them and comply with the Highway Code

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You can expect us to...

  • provide a fortnightly collection of recycling, refuse, garden waste and glass
  • only collect items that are in the right containers – if something is not in the right bin/bag/box we will leave a sticker saying why it wasn’t taken
  • we will not collect extra bags of refuse/side waste
  • ensure our crews are polite and courteous during their collections
  • provide an assisted bins collection to people who are physically unable to take out their bins
  • provide two Tidy Tips (household waste recycling centres) and a number of neighbourhood recycling centres where you can take your waste and recycling
  • provide a bulky waste collection service at additional fee

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