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Commercial waste


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Collecting rubbish from your business

We provide the following:

  • refuse collection using a range of containers to suit every business need
  • sacks where bin storage may be a problem
  • clinical waste collection and disposal
  • compactors for those companies with large amounts of waste
  • removal of one off loads or items

Enquire about trade waste collections

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Business rates do not cover the removal of waste from business premises. A commercial waste collection service can be from as little as £3.65. Contact us for a competitive price.

Unfortunately the council does not yet operate any recycling service for businesses. However, this is likely to change in the future as recycling targets become more demanding.

We will collect almost anything. However, you can email [email protected] for information on hazardous waste, for example, asbestos. This is a specialised field but we can put you in touch with the right people. We may be able to pick up some of the materials ourselves, but there will be a charge for this service.

The duty of care is a law which says that businesses must take all reasonable steps to keep waste safe.  Waste must:

  • be stored safely and securely
  • not cause pollution to people or the environment
  • be packaged in suitable containers so that it cannot fall out, blow away or escape from the receptacle
  • be secured against unauthorised removal as far as is reasonably practical
  • have sufficient security to prevent the breaking open of containers and removal of waste by vandals, thieves, animals, accident or weather

Businesses must ensure that the person removing the waste is either from a local authority or a licensed waste collection company. They will be authorised to remove waste and transport and dispose of it safely. The business must provide a written description of the waste to the person who removes it. This is known as a waste transfer note and must be completed by both persons involved in the transfer.


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Commercial waste disposal site

A small amount of commercial waste transported in vans, trailers and pickup vehicles can be taken to our household waste recycling centre in Progress Way.

Please note: there is a charge for this service.

Progress Way Household Waste Recycling Centre


    Progress Way
    LU4 9TR

Opening times:

  • Monday: 9am - 7pm
  • Tuesday: 9am - 5pm
  • Wednesday: Closed
  • Thursday: 9am - 5pm
  • Friday: 9am - 5pm
  • Saturday and Sunday: 8am - 5pm

We are open all year round except Christmas day, boxing day and new year’s day when we are closed. The centre is closed on bank holidays.

For privately owned disposal facilities check your local yellow pages.


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Special trade collections

We can make special collections of commercial refuse.

There will be a charge for this service, please email [email protected] for a quotation.


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Trade bins

We can provide a number of bins, in different sizes, for commercial waste. The below prices are per collection of each bin based on 60kg per cubic metre.

240 litre

Bin collections 

H -107mm
W - 585mm
D - 740mm


360 litre

Bin collections 

H - 1090mm
W - 600mm
D - 880mm

660 litre

Bin collections 

H - 1320mm
W - 1265mm
D - 740mm

1100 litre

Bin collections 

H - 1380mm
W - 1270mm
D - 1000mm


Additional charges as below:

  • annual administration fees of £39.52
  • hire charge of £1.42 a week per bin.

All prices listed above are exclusive of VAT.


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Clinical waste

Clinical waste is any waste that poses an infection risk to humans. The term also includes drugs and other pharmaceutical products.

Clinical waste is mainly produced by hospitals, health clinics, doctors' surgeries and veterinary practices, but also arises from residential homes, nursing homes and private households.

Examples of clinical waste include:

  • human or animal tissue
  • blood or other bodily fluids
  • excretions
  • drugs or other pharmaceutical products
  • swabs or dressings
  • syringes, needles or other sharp instruments

For commercial waste there is a charge depending on the amount and number of collections. Each company will have to be looked at individually.

There is no charge for removal of clinical waste from domestic properties.

For more information or to arrange a collection, please contact on:

Tel: 01582 546863
Email: [email protected]

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