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Luton Borough Council

Noise advice for pubs, clubs and other venues

We regularly receives complaints about noise from pubs, clubs and other venues, especially during the summer months.

Advice for managers and organisers

By taking simple steps to control noise, you should be able to prevent complaints from your neighbours.

Amplified and non-amplified music and speech

The more often noisy events occur and the later they finish, the more likely it is we will receive complaints. Simple steps to control noise include:

  • closing windows and doors when the entertainment is taking place
  • controlling the volume of music - set a limit and keep to it
  • installing a noise limiter to control sound levels - always seek advice from a noise consultant
  • walking around the boundary of your property while the entertainment is taking place and reducing the volume if you can hear music
  • fixing self-closers to external doors
  • installing a lobby with doors between the bar area and any external doors


Noise from customers leaving the premises is often the most difficult type of noise to control. However, you are expected to take reasonable steps to control customers on or leaving your premises. We recommend:

  • providing notices on exit doors asking customers to keep the noise down
  • providing trained door staff to control entry and exits
  • providing details of reliable taxi operators
  • instructing taxi operators not to sound their horns when they arrive

Smoking areas and beer gardens

To avoid complaints about loud music and shouting from outside areas, you may wish to consider:

  • ensuring there is no music outside
  • putting up signs encouraging customers to keep the noise down
  • preventing customers from taking drinks into smoking areas to stop them lingering there

Plant and equipment

Noise from chillers and extraction units can be a problem, especially at night. If you are considering installing or replacing a unit, please seek our advice first. We recommend:

  • using and maintaining the equipment in line with the manufacturer’s instructions
  • positioning all equipment away from your neighbours
  • considering the use of a timer to ensure equipment is turned off at the end of the night

Noise at work

High noise levels can pose a health risk to you and your employees and you have a legal duty to minimise any risks. Please contact our Health and Safety Team for advice.


Before introducing any changes which might affect your neighbours, we recommend you discuss it with them first. The Environmental Protection team is also available to give advice.

What can happen if I cause a noise nuisance?

Causing a noise nuisance can result in a fine of up to £20,000. In addition, local residents or council officers may also ask for your Premises Licence to be reviewed. A review can result in additional conditions or suspension of your licence.

How can I contact the council for advice?

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Tel: 01582 510330


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