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We can search our records and provide you with information about a property or site

What information do you have about contaminated land?
We are often asked if there is any contaminated land at a property or site. In some cases, we may have details of remediation that was completed when a site was redeveloped. However, for many properties, the only information we have is the past use of the land.

Although a property may be situated on land with a past industrial use, this does not necessarily mean the property is on contaminated land, but instead means that there is the potential for contamination to be present.

Can you search records and provide me with information about a property?
If you would like us to search our records for information and provide a written response, you will need to pay a fee. The actual cost will depend on how long it takes us to search our records and answer your questions. We charge £90.60 per hour for this service (this price includes VAT).

Please contact us and we will let you know how much your enquiry will cost. We aim to prepare a response within 5 days of receiving your cheque and instructions.

Please be aware that we can offer no definitive answers as to past or present contamination. We always advise purchasers and interested parties to seek professional advice to assess the available information. It is the responsibility of a prospective purchaser to satisfy themselves as to the actual condition of land at a property or site.

Have you determined any sites in Luton as 'contaminated land'?
Please see the register of contaminated land

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