Have you been sold food that's not fit to eat? Are you unhappy with hygiene in a local food outlet or shop? Or have you been ill after a meal at a local restaurant? Then you may need to contact us with your food safety complaints.

Elected members have agreed the team should focus their resources on the highest risk public health priorities. The Food and Safety team will only deal with food complaints that pose a public health threat. This will result in low risk complaints no longer being investigated but rather being followed up at the businesses’ next inspection.

Not happy with the food or hygiene standards at a food business?

In many circumstances if you have purchased food which you are unsatisfied with it is often best for you to return the product to the manufacturer, caterer, supplier or shop where you bought the goods. A prompt complaint to the retailer or manufacturer will ensure that the manufacturer can recall (if necessary) any product and that your complaint can be investigated by them as quickly as possible. It may be best to contact the manufacturer or retailer directly if you are dissatisfied but not unduly concerned about the product and merely want your money back, or if the complaint is not of a serious nature, e.g. a part of a pea pod in a can of peas or a 'flat' carbonated drink.  If you are not sure when and where you purchased the product it is best to contact the manufacturer.
A list of the most common food complaints and food hygiene matters which we do not investigate​ is available. Here we give advice on what action you can take and what alternative action we may take.

If your food complaint or your concern about hygiene at a food business does not match these examples then you should report it to us. 

The Food and Safety team will make an assessment of the seriousness of the matter and decide if it poses a public health threat.  If it meets our criteria it will then be investigated. We do not get involved in any compensation claims. Compensation claims are a civil matter that you must take up with the manufacturer and courts if necessary. Food and Safety will deal with public health issues such as:
  • Food poisoning cases confirmed by a laboratory test. 
  • Contaminated food where there is a public health risk such as contamination of food by pests. 
  • Pests (rodents, insects) inside food premises. 
  • Unhygienic food handling practices and poor cleaning inside food businesses.
  • Food being sold past the use by date. 
  • Food business being run from unsuitable premises
If you suspect you have food poisoning​ but haven’t done anything about it yet this will tell you what to do.

When making a complaint, as part of the investigation you may be required to provide a written statement in accordance with the Criminal Justice Act 1967, s. 9, Magistrates' Courts Act 1980.

Make a complaint​​​​​
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