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Traceability - farm to fork

The purpose of traceability is to assist in the withdrawals and recalls of unsafe food and to provide information to authorities in the event of food safety problems.

Food businesses are required to provide the name of the businesses who supply them and to whom they supply their products if asked, i.e. one step back - one step forward. This includes primary producers, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, transporters, distributors, those dealing in the purchase and sale of bulk commodities, caterers and food brokers. It is important to understand that products may leave your control, but not necessarily your liability.

Minimum traceability requirements ' by virtue of the General Food Law Regulation 178/2002 ' apply for to all food and feed businesses from 1 January 2005. If you supply goods direct to the final consumer, it is not necessary to keep detailed records of all your individual customers. However, you should still try to keep records of what was sold, and when. If you know some customers are purchasing goods for use in their own businesses you should keep separate records of these sales. As a minimum, traceability records should include the address of the customer or supplier, nature and quantity of products, and the date of the transaction and delivery. It can also be helpful to record the approval number of the manufacturer/processor where applicable and the batch number or durability indication where applicable.

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