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Wednesday: Learning something new every day

Away from the school today (although you're always at the end of a phone if they need you). Attending an executive board meeting for Luton’s Teaching School Alliance of which the school is an active member.

After running some successful courses during the Autumn term, decisions need to be made to ensure continued success and to enhance the suite of cpd courses offered.

1:00pm and just enough time for a quick call to your School Improvement Adviser. He’s been a head teacher in Luton for nearly 20 years, so there’s not much he can’t help with. Today he’s got a contact for you at the council’s Behaviour and Tuition Service, and some other tips on how to get extra help for a pupil who’s recently been excluded from school.

Then it’s a meeting with the architects who are designing the new school building. There are new site plans to review, as well as proposals for making the whole school more environmentally friendly.  Solar panels, water recovery systems and the latest energy saving technology - right now, you’re no expert, so you need to get to grips with these things, and fast.

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