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Tuesday: Good to know you're not alone

At the coalface this morning. 11:30am and time for one of the two lessons you still teach every week. While some Luton heads choose to leave the teaching to other members of the team, others like to keep their hand in. It’s up to you.

Then it’s time for a midday meeting with the parents of a pupil who’s recently arrived at the school. They’re concerned about the way she’s settling in and want to discuss what the school can to do to ease the process. Luckily there’s loads of help and support available, and you’ve been given some useful tips by a nearby head teacher who’s recently dealt with a similar issue.

We have agreed to support the local authority with hosting and participating in the NQT Pool this year. Just need to work out the logistics for the day using the LA template.

The rest of the afternoon is earmarked for curriculum planning. Latest government guidance will be challenging to implement, but there’s already been a meeting with colleagues in the Children and Learning department aimed at helping head teachers navigate their way through it.

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