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Thursday: Making the school a better place tomorrow than it is today

First up today it's the Area Partnership Meeting.

You’re hosting (the school’s got some talented kitchen staff so the refreshments will be excellent) and it’s always helpful to share challenges and successes with your colleagues and develop consistent approaches with your partner schools, as well as find out what they’re up to.

Back in your office there’s a phone call from the editor of the local paper, which is running a story about the much-anticipated building work that’s beginning at the school on Monday.

3:30pm - the weekly staff meeting, a chance to get the whole team together to review what’s happened over the last few days and what’s coming up, especially tomorrow when you’ll be off site for most of the day. After the meeting there’s time for a more informal chat with your colleagues - perhaps even a look ahead to the weekend and beyond.

Last but not least, there’s a regular governors meeting to attend. You report back on progress with some key initiatives, and get their feedback on some new ideas you’ve had for improving attendance even further.

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