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Luton Borough Council

Short breaks for children and young people with disabilities

The Child Care Disability team can arrange short breaks for families.

We will provide a range of short breaks services to meet the varying needs of children and young people including those with:

  • autistic spectrum disorders
  • behaviour that challenges
  • profound and complex health needs​​​​​
  • physical disability
  • cognitive needs
  • sensory impairments

Services include:

  • early support and information
  • home-visiting
  • after-school and weekend clubs
  • holiday activities
  • shared care
  • overnight provision

Who is eligible for help?

Families living in Luton who have a child that:
  • has a significant learning disability/special need that substantially affects their everyday living, for example:
    • autism
    • complex health needs
    • life limiting/ palliative conditions
    • sensory impairments
    • associated behaviour that challenges

Our aims

Short breaks are designed to support carers of children who are disabled or who have special needs so that they are able to continue to provide care or to manage their responsibilities effectively. Luton’s short breaks: Short Breaks are designed to support parents/carers of children who are disabled or have significant special needs to support them with their caring responsibilities.
Short breaks in Luton provide disabled children and young people with the opportunity to enjoy fun activities, socialise with peers and have new experiences outside the family home.


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