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Luton Borough Council

Services for children with a visual impairment


What does the service offer me and my family?

  • Educational advice and information
  • Advice on all aspects of vision
  • Training for teaching and non-teaching staff if requested
  • Observation/functional vision assessment of the child in their home
  • Support when planning for a child/pupil’s move to setting, school or to their next school/college
  • Liaison with other agencies as appropriate such as consultants in local and national hospitals, health services, rehabilitation officers, and the Integrated Youth Service

What does the service offer nurseries, schools and pre-school settings?

  • Discussion with the pupil to ascertain and assess any problems or difficulties
  • Discussion with setting and staff regarding specialist equipment and resources
  • Discussion with setting and staff regarding modification and differentiation of curricular materials
  • Discussion with parents and setting staff to enable the pupil to access all aspects of the academic and social life of the school and become an independent learner
  • Contribution to a pupil’s individual education plan
  • Contribution to statutory assessment of children/young people with visual impairment
  • Attendance at annual reviews
  • Any information will be shared with parents/carers and other professionals involved with the pupil/young person
Contact info
Special Educational Needs Service (SENS)
1st Floor Town Hall Extension, George Street, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU1 2BQ
Tel: 01582 548151
Fax: 01582 548220
[email protected]


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