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How do I find a school place for my child?

Looked after children are prioritised for places in the admissions criteria of education settings.

It's the role of the virtual school’s educational coordinator to liaise with the foster carer and social worker of the looked after children to ensure that:

  • the young person is found a suitable education place as soon as possible
  • days they are not in education are kept to minimum

I'm worried about my child. Who should I talk to at their school?

Every school will have a designated teacher for looked after children and previously looked after children. They're the best people to talk to.

If they're unavailable, ask to speak to the child’s head of year or the headteacher.

If you have any concerns phone or email the headteacher or educational coordinator at Luton’s virtual school.

Who is the designated teacher for looked after children at my child’s school?

The school should be able to tell you who the designated teacher for looked after children is.

The virtual school also holds a list of designated teachers in all schools that our children and young people attend. Our number is 01582 548113.

What does a designated looked after child governor do?

The governor has responsibilities for holding the school to account on how it is supporting looked after and previously looked after children.

This includes their level of progress and how effectively the pupil premium is being spent.

My child has been excluded – what has happened?

The school should send you copies of all exclusion letters and explain why you child has been excluded. These letters should also be sent to the child’s social worker.

Schools should be aware that excluding a looked after child is the last possible option available to them and that all other options have been exhausted.

If the child has been excluded for a fixed period of time then, wherever possible, the school should try to ensure they are:

  • educated in an alternative provision
  • are provided with work by the school

The virtual school can support you with any queries about the exclusion of a looked after child, and can advise on the next steps.

My child has been permanently excluded - what has happened?

If your child has been permanently excluded, the Luton virtual school might challenge this decision after:

  • consulting with carers, social worker and the school
  • taking advice from other professionals

It is the responsibility of the authority where the child lives to find them a new school or alternative provision.

Can I take a child on holiday in term time?

There is evidence that regularly taking a child on holiday during the school term will have a negative impact on their education

If you're considering doing so please contact the virtual school first for advice.

You may be liable for a fine.

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