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Children missing education


Children missing from education (CME), refers to all children of compulsory school age who are not on the roll of a school, nor being educated otherwise (privately or in alternative provision for example) and who have been out of any educational provision for a substantial period of time (usually agreed as four weeks or more).

Any child or young person who is missing education, may not only be at risk of poor educational development but also their safety and well being.

Children missing education are:

  • children whose whereabouts are known but they do not have any educational provision in place
  • children whose whereabouts are unknown and therefore their educational provision and well being is not known

Children missing education are not:

  • children who are on a school roll. If a child is not attending their registered school or education provider, the Education Welfare team should be contacted for non-attendance
  • children who are being educated at home
  • children whose parents have applied for a school place where the application is going through normal admissions procedures

How you can help us

All professionals working with children, as well as the wider community can help by remaining vigilant to children’s safety.

The law states every child should be receiving an education, and we stand a better chance of ensuring a child’s safety if we know where and how they are receiving this.

If you are aware that a child is missing education, please let us know.

Professionals and agencies who have concerns about a child who is missing education are requested to complete the 'Out of education referral form' below - for professional use.

Out of education referral

Schools who have information that a child has left their school without a forwarding address and a destination school are requested to complete the 'CME pro-forma' below - for schools use.

CME pro-forma

This will help us to make the necessary enquiries to establish that the child is receiving an education.


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