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Luton Borough Council

Careers Hub Luton

To prepare and inspire young people for the fast-changing world of work.

Our aim is to improve careers provision across the town, by:

  • integrating careers into to the curriculum
  • helping to ensure students are work ready
  • ensuring students have a good awareness of the careers and skills set needed to have a rewarding career.

Careers Hub Luton has been funded to pilot and test whether being part of a hub helps schools and colleges to meet the Gatsby Benchmarks, and ultimately improve outcomes for young people.

The role of the hub is to build a community of practice, and to ensure that schools and colleges have a shared vision of how they'll work together to improve careers education for young people.

Ultimately, the hub aims to be the single point of contact for employers and providers to engage with the education sector

The Careers Hub is part of the government’s careers strategy (2017) which has been implemented nationally to support secondary schools and colleges in implementing a 'good' standard of careers education.

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Careers Hub Luton works with 25 schools and colleges and will extend its boundaries including schools in the Dunstable and Houghton Regis area. (17 Luton, 8 Dunstable and Houghton Regis) The hub will have access to support and funding to help school and colleges to meet the eight Gatsby Benchmarks of excellent careers education. This includes:

  • a ‘Hub Lead’ to help coordinate activity and build networks
  • access to bursaries for individual schools and colleges to train ‘careers leaders’
  • Central Hub Fund
  • Enterprise Coordinator to work with school and colleges to develop their career provision plans
  • Enterprise Advisers - volunteer from businesses to add value to careers provision
  • Cornerstone Employers - ambassadors, focusing on sustainability and commitment

Careers Hub Luton will:

  • help businesses to work with schools to improve workplace skills
  • raise awareness of local businesses in secondary schools/colleges
  • provide high quality case studies and resources to improve careers provision
  • have a central events calendar showcasing the latest events from local businesses and school/college
  • support careers leaders in schools/colleges

Careers Hub Luton will compliment and dovetail on the work already being undertaken by the 14-19 team like the:

  • 16x16 programme
  • Luton Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance Framework (LCF)
  • Luton Career Network (LCN)
  • Business Education and Skills Partnership (BESP)
  • Primary Careers etc.

Careers Hub Luton is working in partnership with:

If you'd like to support local schoolsor colleges with employer engagement activities, or would like more information about Careers Hub Luton, please contact:

Sajda Rauf
Hub Lead
[email protected]
Julie Lockwood
Enterprise Coordinator
[email protected]

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