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​​All children between the ages of 5 and 16 may qualify for free school travel assistance if they go to their nearest suitab​le school and live at least:

  • 2 miles from the school, if they are under the age of 8 years old
  • 3 miles from the school, if they are 8 years old or older

If you get the maximum Working Tax Credit or your children are entitled to free school meals, they may get free travel assistance.

Children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND): Your child may be entitled to travel assistance if they cannot walk to school / college / education provision because of their SEND or mobility problem.

*Attendance at a special school or a learning resource base does not automatically entitle your child to travel assistance.

Luton Council travel assistance policies:

To apply for travel assistance for children/students with Special Educational Needs (SEN) / Education, Health & Care Plan (EHCP) and/or Disability, this ar​ea will direct you to the Council's application form:

To apply for travel assistance, please complete the online application form. If you experience any difficulty completing the form online, you can download a copy and scan to - or post (with supporting documentation) to:

Travel Assessment Team
Luton Council
Planning and Admissions
Town Hall
LU1 2BQ​

Contact telephone number: 01582 548227

Please write 'private and confidential' o​n your envelopes for the Travel Assistance Team, as the contents are personal and sensitive.


Apply for SEN travel assistance​​​​​​​​​

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