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Diverse curriculum materials


In response to Black Lives Matter and our commitment to supporting schools Luton Education Service has compiled a comprehensive directory of high quality resources for schools to use.
This will support schools to:
  • be actively anti racist
  • celebrate diversity
  • be fully inclusive
These resources cover a range of curriculum areas, mental health and information for parents.
Please contact Luton Education Service for more information.

Download the diverse curriculum materials

Black History Month resources

A set of resources for schools for Black History Month, focusing on mental health themes.

Black History Month takes place every year in October across the world.

The month presents an opportunity for children and young people to learn more about black history through lessons and assemblies.

It is also an opportunity for schools to emphasise their dedication to supporting and uplifting black students.

You may have already planned some curriculum content around Black History Month, looking at cultural or historical black figures.

The resources shared here are split into sections for primary schools and secondary and FE settings. There is also a section sharing whole-school approach resources.

All the resources included focus on mental health themes, helping schools to explore ideas around diversity, self-belief, identity and the impact of racism on those who experience it.

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