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Luton Borough Council

How Council Tax is calculated

Each property is placed in a band and we set a charge for each band. The charge for each band is proportionate to the band D charge as listed below.

Band Proportion of band D charge Percentage of band D charge
A 6/9 66.7
B 7/9 77.8
C 8/9 88.9
D 9/9 100
E 11/9 122.2
F 13/9 144.4
G 15/9 166.7
H 18/9 200


A property in band A is charged 6/9ths, or 66.7%, of the band D charge, while a band H property is charged 18/9, ie twice the band D charge.

The full Council Tax charge for each band assumes there are two or more adult occupiers. If there is only one adult occupier a 25% discount is awarded. Click here to apply for a single person discount.


You're sent a bill for every financial year (1 April to 31 March). It shows:

  • the amount due, less any discounts including Council Tax Reduction
  • the instalments that must be paid

In a full year we must offer ten or twelve instalments. If you become liable during the year you are billed, from the date your liability starts to the end of the year and the number of instalments offered will depend on the time remaining to the end of the year. Instalments must be paid as specified or recovery action is taken.

We expect you to organise your finances so that instalments are paid by the due dates and will not normally make alternative arrangements. Even if you have a query about the bill you must pay it until your query is resolved and a revised bill sent to you.

If you're unhappy with council services you must still pay your bill. You may of course complain to the department concerned.

Non payment or late payment

If you do not pay as specified on your bill we will send you a reminder SMS (text) via mobile phone if we have your details. If you still do not pay we will issue a second reminder.

If payment is still not made a summons is then issued. This incurs costs. If payment in full is still not made then at the hearing of the summons, we obtain a liability order.

The liability order empowers us to enforce payment. We do this mainly through the use of bailiffs and attachment of earnings orders.

We may also make people bankrupt and place charging orders on property. We do not have to prove that a Council Tax bill or notice has been received and it is not a defence to claim that bills and notices have not been received.

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