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Luton Borough Council

Corporate Peer Challenge 2024

You can download a copy of their final report below.

What is a Local Government (LGA) Peer Challenge?

The Local Government Association Peer Challenges are sector led improvement reviews that are offered to local authorities, undertaken by elected members and officer peers. The peer challenge offers an opportunity to validate the direction of travel and approach being taken by the council, and test, stretch and further evolve thinking for the future.

A team of peers spend a number of days with us, speaking to people including a range of council officers together with local councillors and external stakeholders, partners and residents in a series of meetings, discussion sessions and focus groups.

Corporate Peer Challenge 2024

In March 2024, we welcome colleagues from across the country to carry out a Local Government Association Corporate Peer Challenge, looking at Luton Council, and Luton 2040. Across three days, the team met with 250 individuals from within the council and town, in more than 60 sessions. In feeding back, the team praised Luton’s ‘trailblazing’ 2040 vision, and offered feedback which will further shape and hone our work. 

Corporate Peer Challenge update 2020

Since 2018, we have built on the recommendations from the peer team as well as the findings of the Luton Inclusive Growth Commission last year to set out our vision for Luton 2040.

Luton 2040 is an ambitious agenda to ensure that everybody in Luton is able to benefit from continued economic growth and greater wellbeing.

We have also made progress against each of the recommendations set out in our last peer review.

The links below will provide further details of these recommendations and our progress since 2018.

Corporate Peer Challenge 2018

In April 2018 we commissioned the LGA to carry out a ‘Corporate Peer Challenge’ on us. This was an opportunity to demonstrate what we do well in Luton and benefit from expert analysis of any areas that could be strengthened.

You can download a copy of their final report below.

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