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Luton Borough Council

Mayor of Luton


The mayor post is currently vacant and a new mayor will be appointed on the 26 September 2020.


Find out more about Luton's Deputy Mayor

Maria Lovell was announced as Deputy Mayor in May 2019. Maria has three children, six grandchildren, and is held in high esteem amongst the African community in Luton and UK. She's famously known as 'the Luton Champion'.

Maria was the first to be coroneted as Queenmother and custodian of the Royal Kente Cloth for UK & Ireland and Development Queen in Bonwire Ghana.

Her achievements are as listed below:

  • worked locally in the public sector and then moved on to work in central government parliamentary business
  • awarded Mayor Citizenship Award in 2011 for contribution to the community in Luton
  • founded the Ghana Society in 2006 to promote Ghanaian African culture in Luton and the UK as a whole to integrate the African community into the Luton culture
  • celebrated Africa through community cultural events in Luton including supporting:
    • Luton in Harmony
    • Love Luton
    • Luton Bid 2012
    • Cultifest in collaboration with the University of Bedfordshire
  • introduced the Ghana mas float into Luton International Carnival as the first African float and has won various awards since
  • birthed the 1st Ghana international carnival in Ghana from the Luton International Carnival 
  • promotes Ghanaian tourism and culture especially in Luton and throughout the UK on various platforms
  • the Akwaaba to Ghana project which explored oral history and interviews with Ghanaians living in Luton
  • supported a variety of cultural exhibitions in Luton including:
    • Fabric of a Nation at Wardown Museum
    • Batakari Fair
    • Out of Africa project
  • organised the Ghanaians in Parliament forum with mayoral candidates in the House of Commons, which aimed to promote business and trade relations between UK and Ghana
  • Miss Tourism Ghana UK pageant aimed to nurture young tourism ambassadors born in the Diaspora to promote Ghana culture and UK relations
  • established the Kente Festival in Luton in 2009 to showcase the symbolic royal cloth of Ghana
  • annual charity events to fundraise for worthy causes and social issues in Africa/ Ghana including:
    • Breast Cancer Ambassador
    • Prostate Cancer
    • Sickle cell & Thallaesemia
  • partnered with Mercy Ships to raise awareness and fundraise for the Africa Mercy Ships
  • partners with World Child Cancer fundraising and raising awareness for children with cancer in Ghana - in 2018 contributed to raise £874,444
  • partners with Commonwealth Africa Initiative to organise the annual African Summit in London
  • introduced the Kente media Awards aimed to recognise and reward talented black artistes in the UK
  • organised various events in the UK to promote Afro beats music genre with upcoming Ghanaian artistes including Reggie and Boli of X factor fame 
  • introduced the first annual African music festival in Luton promoting African music and culture
  • launched the Luton Ghana Foundation to create links and exchange between Luton and Ghana




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