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Luton Young People’s Council (LYPC) is launching in September 2019 as part of Luton’s Year of Democracy.

What is the LYPC?

The Young People’s Council will be made up of 19 Luton residents aged between 13 and 19 (or up to age 25 for those with additional needs), representing 19 wards across the town.

What does the LYPC do?

The LYPC will have the opportunity to campaign on issues, raise awareness and make recommendations to Luton’s elected Councillors on actions that they would like to see taken forward to address these issues.

When will the LYPC meet?

The LYPC will meet on a quarterly basis, starting in October, with additional monthly committee meetings (as required) to discuss three issues as chosen by the members of the LYPC.

Where will the LYPC meetings be held?

The LYPC meetings will initially be held in Luton Town Hall.

How to get involved

You will need to be a Luton resident, aged between 13 and 19 (or up to age 25 for those with additional needs).

Being an active member of the LYPC will give individuals the opportunity to develop key skills, including communication, leadership, teamwork, professionalism and fundraising. Many of these skills, as well as making a positive contribution to the community are both rewarding and recognised as crucial skills by employers in Luton.

Members of the LYPC will also get the opportunity to enjoy a range of activities and make useful contacts in the community, as well as learn about future opportunities to become an elected Councillor or to develop a career within politics, local government or the voluntary and community sector.

To apply to become a member of the LYPC, you will need to do the following:

  • Read the LYPC Framework which can be found under Downloads at the end of the page.
  • Complete the application form, including a supporting statement (up to 500 words) in the link below explaining why you would like to join the LYPC and what you think you could bring to the role.
  • Complete the Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form in the link below.

Please submit your application to no later than midnight on Friday 4 October.

All applications will be reviewed by a diverse selection panel and 19 Young People will be selected.

For further information on the Luton Young People’s Council, please follow the link below or send any questions to


To apply for the Luton Young People's Council, please complete the online application form.

Apply for the Luton Young People's Council

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