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What is the Luton Youth Council?

The Luton Youth Council was set up in October 2019 to provide representation for the young people of Luton. Each councillor has bestowed upon them the responsibility of speaking for the youth of their town in all matters.
Our purpose is to:
  • represent our youth
  • advise elected councillors in matters where the youth are affected
  • be proactive in shaping the future of
  • our town for the benefit of young people
We aim to actively seek to:
  • give and provide opportunities to young people
  • promote the importance of current affairs on a global to local level
  • combat apathy amongst young people
The overarching aim is to provide a source of inspiration for young people through our various committees, projects and actions that will allow our young people of today to flourish into leading citizens and adults of the future.

For more information, visit the Young people webpage on the Youth Partnership Service website.

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