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Luton Borough Council

Pay policy statement


We're working to radically improve the accessibility, relevance and value of data on our spending, revealing more detailed information than ever before.

We want to be open with you about how we spend the council budget and make it easier for you to hold us to account.  

Local authorities are required to publish a pay policy statement annually in accordance with Chapter 8 - Pay and Accountability of the Localism Act 2011.

It must include:

  • level and elements of remuneration for each chief officer
  • remuneration of its lowest paid employees
  • relationship between the remuneration of its chief officers and the remuneration of those employees who are not chief officers
  • authority’s policy on other specific aspects of chief officer remuneration such as:
    • remuneration on recruitment
    • increases and additions to remuneration
    • use of performance related pay and bonuses
    • termination payments and transparency


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