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Luton Borough Council

Population Wellbeing


Population Wellbeing is a new department, created as part of the management restructure. It's made up of the following services:

Adult Social Care

The Care Act 2014 placed safeguarding adults boards on a primary legislative statutory footing with new duties on all agencies.

The main function of the Board is to ensure all adults in Luton who may be at risk of abuse are safeguarded and that agencies work together to make this happen.

Public Health

The aims of the Public Health team are to improve health and wellbeing in Luton and reduce health inequalities across the population of Luton through:

  • addressing the wider determinants of health
  • enabling people to make healthy decisions

This site includes key corporate and partner priorities, which were selected on the evidence of greatest need as well as part of Covid-19 recovery, to run alongside the continuing response.

Business as usual functions will continue. However, focused programmes will work on delivering tangible change across the priority areas including:

  • health protection
  • health improvement and wellbeing
  • providing statutory services
  • commissioning
  • contract management
  • quality

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Better Together

We want people in Luton to live longer and healthier lives.

Together with NHS Luton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) we want to improve the health and wellbeing of people in Luton.

To achieve this we are working together with the Luton CCG on a programme called ‘Better Together’. Our broad plan is to:

  • invest more in helping people to keep healthy through having a good diet, taking regular exercise and being smoke free – with the aim of helping to reduce cases of conditions such as obesity and certain types of diabetes, amongst others
  • help people to manage their conditions, putting them in control of their health
  • move healthcare, which can be provided at home or in the community, out of hospitals to enable people to benefit from a more coordinated approach between health and care services and supporting them to be able to manage their conditions at home or in the community

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is a data analysis process aimed at boosting business performance by helping corporate executives and other end users make more informed decisions.


Housing Services manages repairs and maintains council properties, plus properties we use as temporary accommodation.

They also:

  • build new properties, sometimes in partnership with housing associations
  • deliver the housing strategy
  • maintain the housing register
  • prevent and assess homeless households

Customer and Organisation Development

Delivers over 25 services to the public on behalf of every council department, and also:

  • receive over half a million telephone enquiries annually
  • process over 100,000 emails and electronic forms every year
  • provide the main switchboard function for external callers

Enquiries dealt with by us range from a simple query to more complex needs including people in crisis.

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