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Marriages and civil partnerships

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Plan your ceremony

You must first decide where you wish to have your marriage or civil partnership ceremony and then you will need to give your notice of marriage or civil partnership at your local register office, this is called ‘giving notice’. Your notice is valid for 12 months. If you change your mind as to where you wish to have your ceremony you will need to give a new notice and pay the fees again.

Foreign nationals need to give notice at a designated Register office which may not be their local office. Check if you can get married or form a civil partnership in England or Wales.

Notice requirements

You need to make an appointment to give notice at your local Register Office. You must have lived in that registration district for the past 7 days.

If you and your partner live in separate registration districts you need to give notice separately in the district where you live. You do not have to do this on the same day.

You cannot get married or form a civil partnership for a minimum of 29 days after giving your notice. GOV.UK provide a list of documents you will need to give notice.

If you or your partner is from outside the EU, EEA or from Switzerland

You will both need to attend the notice appointment together at a designated Register Office, Luton is a designated office. You cannot get married for a minimum of 29 days after giving your notice and this could possibly be extended to 70 days. For more information about notice requirements for EU, EEA or from Switzerland visit


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Choose the type of ceremony

Civil ceremonies

You can have a civil ceremony at:

  • a Register Office
  • any venue approved by the local council, for example a stately home or hotel

Choosing your venue

Wherever you live, you may choose to get married or form your civil partnership in any licensed venue in England and Wales. If you are interested in having a civil ceremony here is a list of approved premises for England and Wales.

Your ceremony

You are required by law to provide two witnesses for your marriage or civil partnership. These may be:

  • relatives
  • friends
  • colleagues

Your witnessess must be able to understand and speak English and understand the meaning of the ceremony. Afterwards they will be asked to sign the register or the schedule.

Open all

You can get married or have a civil partnership at Luton Register office held on Thursdays at 10am only. This is a working office and you will be offered a simple short legal marriage ceremony and for civil partnerships, the signing of the schedule only.

You will have the option of choosing your:

  • declarations
  • exchanging rings
  • choice of ring words

This ceremony is for the couple, two witnesses and two guests.

There is no photography allowed in this room.


The Georgian Room

This is a bespoke ceremony room, offering a wider range of choices.

You do not need to exchange vows for a civil partnership, but you can if you would like to

Monday to Friday Saturday/Sunday and Bank Holidays
Up to 26 guests including your two witnessess Up to 26 guests including your two witnesses

Choice of declarations and contracting words

Couple can be walked in
Choice of ring words Choice of declarations and contracting words
Background music (our choice) Extended choice of ring words
Photography is permitted Write your own ring words
Couple cannot be walked in Bring your own choice of music (non-religious)
Readings (non-religious)
  • choice of declarations and contracting words
  • extended choice of ring words
  • write your own ring words
  • bring your own choice of music (non-religious)
  • readings (non-religious)
  • couple can choose to be interviewed separately
  • entourage can be walked in

For any other additional requirements, please discuss with the registration officer when giving notice.

The registration officer will discuss all of your requirements at the time of giving notice. Alternatively you may contact the office to discuss before making an appointment.

At the ceremony

The registration officer will see you both in private to check the information is up to date for your certificate. You will be asked the following information:

  • your full name
  • age
  • occupation
  • marital/civil partnership status
  • address
  • Full name and occupation of your natural, adoptive or step-father (also mother for a civil partnership).


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Luton registration service fees

Please note ceremonies to be held in the Register Office and Georgian Room need to be paid in full at the time of booking. A non-refundable deposit of £50 will be required to provisionally book an approved Venue.

Couples who have registered their civil partnership in England and Wales can convert their civil partnership into a marriage for a fee of £50.

Marriage and civil partnership certificate fees are in addition to the ceremony fees and cost £11.00 each.

Notice of marriage £35 each, to be paid at time of booking appointment

Notice of marriage if either of you are from outside the EU, EEA, or Switzerland and both of the following apply:

  • you need a visa to live in the UK
  • you do not have a Marriage or Civil partnership Visitior visa or a family visa
£47 each, to be paid at time of booking appointment
Consideration by Superintendent Registrar of a divorce obtained outside of the British Isles £50
Consideration by the Registrar General of a divorce obtained outside of the British Isles


Register Office ceremony - available Thursdays at only £47 (to be paid at time of booking)
The Georgian Room - Monday to Thursday £125 (payable in advance)
The Georgian Room - Friday £175 (payable in advance)
The Town Hall and Georgian Room - Saturday £250 (payable in advance)
The Town Hall and Georgian Room Sunday/Bank Holiday £300 (payable in advance)

Registrar's fees

Registrar's fees to attend an approved venue - £50 non-refundable deposit required.

a £50 non-refundable deposit requred Monday to Friday £400
Saturday £450
Sunday and Bank Holiday £500

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Religious ceremonies

A religious marriage can take place at any registered religious building. Your marriage needs to be registered immediately after the ceremony by an authorised person, such as a religious minister.

Same-sex couples can get married in a religious building if it has been registered for the marriage of same-sex couples. You cannot get married in an Anglican church as a same-sex couple. Further information on places of worship registered for marriage can be found on the GOV.UK website.

Check with the venue if there is an authorized person. If not, you’ll need to book a registrar which costs £86.


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Order a marriage or civil partnership certificate

  • certificates cost £11 each plus postage
  • they will be posted within 15 working days
  • we provide a 24 priority service which costs £35

Order online

To order a copy of a marriage or civil partnership certificate online please click on the button below.

Order a marriage or civil partnership certificate.

Order by post

Please download the application form to order a marriage or civil partnership certificate, fill it in and return it to the address below.

Order in person

Marriage or civil partnership certificates can be ordered at the register office. The address is:

    Luton Register Office
    6 George Street West
    LU1 2BJ
    T: 0300 790 0341
    E: [email protected]


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