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Luton Borough Council

Community Safety Partnership plan

The Community Safety Partnership plan sets out our approach to continue tackling crime and anti-social behaviour between 2017-20.  It sets out the specific priorities we will address and describes the approaches we will take.

The plan will develop over time, as the nature of crime and anti-social behaviour changes in the town but, through our monitoring activities, we'll identify emerging issues and causes and patterns of crime and assess our priorities accordingly.
This intelligence-led approach to tackling problems lies at the heart of the way in which we as a partnership work. We believe that this is a much more effective way of using public money, than individual agencies working on their own.
Download a copy of the plan below. Over the course of the past 12 months, agencies across the partnership have dealt with difficult decisions to achieve public spending cuts. Despite this, we've continued to see reductions in crime and anti-social behaviour across the town.
The plan highlights our progress over the last year and sets out our strategic priorities for the following three years.


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