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High Town Safer Street Fund


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Luton Council, with support from the Police and Crime Commissioner, Bedfordshire Police and Partners secured funding from the Home Office under the Safer Street Fund. This was to make sustainable changes to reduce crime, such as:

  • burglary
  • vehicle theft
  • robbery
  • anti-social behaviour

Which streets are covered in the Safer Street Fund?

In March 2019, the Community Safety Partnership Executive (CSPE) identified High Town as an area that was subject to high levels of crime and anti social behaviour. Eight streets that were identified and will be covered under the Safer Street Fund are:

  • High Town Road
  • Old Bedford Road (up to the Frederick Street Junction)
  • Havelock Road
  • Welbeck Street
  • Midland Road
  • Frederick Street
  • Dudley Street
  • William Street

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What work is covered?

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This will include:

  • upgrading existing lighting
  • installing additional lamp columns

High Town does have CCTV coverage, there were seven identified locations that were deemed ‘blank spots’. The funding has allowed Luton Council to purchase seven additional units to be installed.

Frederick Street Passage and Munson's Path have been identified as being frequent locations of anti-social behaviour and in particular environmental crime (fly tipping and abandoned vehicles). As such PSPO’s are being proposed to prevent this activity from taking place and the Safer Street Fund permits the purchase and installation of barriers, to assist with the enforcement of the PSPO.

By setting up a Neighbourhood Watch in High Town, this will empower residents (and businesses) in identifying issues within their area and taking the steps to resolve them quickly and effectively. Residents are the eyes and ears and by the community safety partnership working with Neighbourhood Watch, it also improves the process of information being shared and action being taken accordingly.

If you are interested in becoming a member please visit, put in your postcode and complete the online application to join High Town LNWSSF.

Funding was reserved to support the publicity of the Safer Street Fund, increasing the awareness and visibly of the work taking place.

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) have also funded some community projects to support the work of the Safer Street Fund, which include:

  • Azalea/LASE – they have set up a Safer Communities training programme in relation to Sex Trafficking, how residents can identify this and where they can report it
  • Bobby Scheme – to offer crime prevention resources in people’s homes, to prevent them being victims of crimes such as burglary.

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Home visits

There has been a number of door knocks with future ones being scheduled on:

  • Saturday 6 March 12.00 to 2.00pm
  • Monday 15 March 5.30 to 7.30pm

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Further information

If you have any questions or need any further information please email [email protected]

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