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Luton Borough Council

Community Led Local Development

Expression of interest (EoI)

An EoI welcomed on innovative ideas subject to funding available. Outputs and finance figures on the guidance will change from time to time as programmes are being currently delivered. Please email or call us for up to date information, should you wish to submit an EoI.

We've been successful in obtaining European Social Fund (ESF) money from the EU that will enable a range of projects and initiatives to be developed, benefitting and led by local communities.

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Applications for EoI are now open.

Please refer to the EoI guidance notes before and while filling out the CLLD EoI form.

The Luton Local Action Group (LLAG), with representatives drawn from the private, voluntary and public sector, will oversee the programme and make funding decisions. The group meets four times to consider applications throughout the course of the programme.

For more information and updates on criteria and how to apply, visit this webpage or contact CLLD on 01582 548778 or email [email protected].

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CLLD funding can be applied for, and projects run by, a wide variety of organisations (known as recipient) including:

  • NGOs (non-governmental organisations are any non-profit, voluntary citizens' group which is organized on a local, national or international level)
  • local charities
  • local companies
  • public administrations
  • workers’ and employers’ organisations

Your project must be proposed for, or active in, one of the following eligible wards:

  • Biscot
  • Dallow
  • South
  • High Town
  • Farley
  • Northwell
  • Leagrave
  • Lewsey
  • Round Green
  • Crawley
  • Sundon Park

These wards have populations amongst the 20 per cent most deprived in Luton and will therefore benefit most from CLLD.

To receive funding, the projects must match the strategic objectives of CLLD. The particular focus for Luton is to provide targeted support to help workless residents into education, training or employment, but the objectives are listed in full in the tab below.

CLLD have objectives one, four and six. Objective five is currently being delivered through the Your Say Your Way (YSYW) programme.

Objective one

To increase the employability and aspirations of young people through the provision of ‘life skills’, careers guidance and increasing awareness of local opportunities through better links to local employers, voluntary and community sectors (VCS), training providers and higher education providers.

Objective four

To reduce other barriers to employment for particular sections of the community:
  1. women who are not active in the labour market
  2. older workers (aged 50 or over) especially around digital inclusion
  3. people with mental or physical health conditions by giving targeted support and also raising awareness of mental health amongst employers

Objective six

To bring communities together within the CLLD areas, to promote and enhance community cohesion by providing additional training skills and job opportunities in the CLLD area.

For more information on the outputs and outcomes of the CLLD strategic objectives, please see the CLLD guidance notes.

The Luton Local Action Group (LLAG) will decide which applications are successful and how much they receive. LLAG is made up of 16 members representing five sectors within the community. No one sector can make up more than 49 per cent of the membership of the LLAG. The sectors are:

  • local area
  • voluntary / community
  • private sector
  • public sector (non-local authority)
  • accountable body

LLAG members come from community-based organisations and local businesses such as:

  • Voluntary Luton Works
  • Active Luton
  • Luton FC Community Trust
  • Federation of Small Businesses
  • University of Bedfordshire

Your application must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Is the organisation eligible to become a grant recipient?
    • does it have the infrastructure to lead the project?
    • does it have a bank account and legal entity?
  • Does the project fit with the strategic objectives of the programme?
  • Is the project proposing to work in the CLLD designated area?
  • Is the application completed in full?
  • Has the application form been signed?
  • Has the project kept within the word count?
  • Is the application from a consortium and ideally with mix small and large organisations?
    (Potential grant recipients will not necessarily be ineligible if they are not part of a consortium if there is a good rationale to support the applications)
  • Are the outputs / outcomes realistic?
  • Is the match funding in place - has the project provided proof with signed letters etc?
    (Letters of match funding must be secured once the project has been notified it is successful in securing CLLD funding)
  • Does the project demonstrate that it can deliver on the cross-cutting themes

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Click on the button below to fill in the online CLLD expression of interest form, or download a paper version below.

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