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03/03/2020 - Luton businesses help breastfeeding mums feel #FreeToFeed

Since the #FreeToFeed campaign launch, Luton has been leading the way with more mums choosing to breastfeed.

Last year's launch of #FreeToFeed, which is a campaign supported by local authorities and NHS community services to support breastfeeding out and about.
The percentage of mothers breastfeeding six to eight weeks after birth jumped from 62% to 67% following the launch of the campaign. This represents excellent progress for the area and leads the way in our region too, given that the figure was just 50% for the East of England last year.
A big thank you to more than 100 businesses and venues that have joined the campaign so far by displaying the #FreeToFeed window sticker and posters, taking the breastfeeding pledge, and listing themselves on the Breastfeeding Hub app.
The app is free to download and helps mothers find breastfeeding friendly places and allows them to review their experience.
Signing up to the campaign is a great opportunity for free publicity to promote your business as breastfeeding friendly and attract new customers. Under the Equality Act 2010, women have the right to breastfeed in public without being refused service or discriminated against in any way.
Ensuring your staff are aware of these legal requirements and able to make your customers feel accepted and welcome is therefore a very important step. For larger businesses, bespoke breastfeeding training is also available.
By signing up, a business pledges to ensure all staff know how to protect and support breastfeeding mothers, provide a clean and comfortable environment to breastfeed in and display the breastfeeding friendly window sticker so families can recognise the venue as being part of the campaign.
To sign up as a supporter complete the online pledge.
Once signed up you'll receive a window sticker and resources to support you with becoming breastfeeding friendly. Don’t forget to upload a picture of your venue with the window sticker to Facebook or Twitter using the #Freetofeed.
For more information, email [email protected],
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