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Luton Borough Council

30/11/2020 - Fostering – can you help?

During the Covid-19 pandemic many families on the edge are finding themselves under increasing pressure during social distancing and self-isolation.

The council is creatively working to maximise the recruitment of foster carers during this particularly challenging time.
Businesses are in a prime position to help us recruit. Our ask of you is twofold:
• to actively promote foster caring with Luton Council as a positive opportunity to your employees through your internal communications channels: Intranet, e-briefs and newsletters - we can provide you with all the text, images, posters and leaflets to make this as easy as possible for you.
• secondly, we welcome any opportunities to talk to your staff on a face to face basis (whatever that looks like these days), to dispel the many myths and talk frankly about what is involved in becoming a foster carer with us.
The benefits to you as an employer are:
• supporting the Luton community without incurring direct costs
• making a real difference helping to improve the life chances of vulnerable children and young people in care
• supporting your employees who want to ‘do their bit’ and give something back to their local community
• increasing the skills of your employees who become foster carers
• financial support /remuneration for your employees, as foster carers are paid allowances to care for children in care
• promoting your organisation as a ‘Luton Council Fostering Friendly employer’ via our external channels to residents
Want to learn more? Please call David Brooks on 07753 309346 or email: [email protected] to find out how you can help a Luton child.
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