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28/08/2020 - Jaltek Systems


Jaltek employees 

Jaltek Systems is a leading AS9100 and ISO 13485 accredited UK contract electronics manufacturer with over 30 years’ experience. They offer a comprehensive range of integrated design and manufacturing services adapted to meet customer’s varied requirements.

Jaltek have a diverse customer base, from global pubic limited companies (PLCs) to start-up ventures, including industries such as medical, aerospace, defence, green technology and ATEX.

Contrary to the recent decline in income that has been witnessed with a lot of businesses, Jaltek has actually seen an increase in orders from various sectors. Their factory floor staff continued to work to support key industries including medical, defence and homeland security during the main lockdown period.

They also recruited a new business development manager in May 2020 demonstrating their growth at this unprecedented time.

Jaltek cpu  
Jaltek building 

New investment

As part of their commitment to continuously invest in improving systems, processes and procedures, Jaltek Systems have recently taken delivery of a new automatic cleaning system as well as a contamination testing machine, which will allow them to monitor board cleanliness, ensuring Jaltek always achieves the highest standards.

Booming sectors

Automotive and electric vehicle industry

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic it has been widely reported that the government has pledged to back cutting emissions and in turn drive economic recovery. As part of this they have announced that they are opening up bids for research and development (R&D) in the automotive sector.

Great news for electric car manufacturers and associated industry. With a predicted boost in the sale of electric vehicles, there will also be need for more charging points. Jaltek has been working with industry renowned companies on the manufacture of these points as well as working closely with numerous key bodies to help do their bit in driving innovation in vehicle electronics.

Space industry and science and research

Jaltek's Design team have been involved in the development of many exciting and diverse space related products over the years, including those with extremes of control systems for spacecraft.

Most recently they have undertaken a large thermal analysis project for a new client, as well as continuing to work on a communications platform for a long standing customer.

It is an exciting time for the space industry, as well as for science and research. Jaltek is thrilled to be part of this revolution of knowledge and innovation.

Jaltek employees  
Jaltek cpu  

Ventilator challenge

Jaltek worked alongside two customers to boost the supply of critical medical equipment to the NHS. Thankfully the ventilators were not needed, but 35 Jaltek employees worked on the projects for six weeks, supporting engineering teams in preparing and prototyping for volume production.

The team developed nine different types of board and 70,000 sets of materials. In line with Jaltek’s work ethic and collaborative ethos, staff were enthusiastic about lending their support. The projects involved quick turnarounds and long hours, yet the team relished the opportunity to contribute and work together for a common cause.

The experience brought everyone closer together and the camaraderie brought out the best in everyone involved.

Not only did the collective effort prove what can be achieved when professionals collaborate, it highlighted Jaltek’s commitment to offering technical expertise wherever it is most needed, whilst still supporting other customers and fulfilling their orders.

Whilst working on the ventilator challenge, staff increased their output significantly by pooling their experience, expertise and enthusiasm. They weren’t intimidated by the enormity of the task. Their achievements mirror those seen across the business on a daily basis as people come together to find innovative ways of meeting customer requirements.

Jaltek took the opportunity to learn from the experience and enjoy long-term business benefits. Parts were collected, assembled and shipped within a single day during the ventilator challenge and the business has discovered it can lift the bar and accelerate builds. Those lessons in boosting productivity and driving efficiency will serve Jaltek well on the next stage of growth.

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