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16/07/2020 - Bell Packaging


Established in 1979, Bell Packaging has been operating in Luton for over 40 years. Conveniently located next to the airport, our factory has excellent links with the Parkway railway, M1 and of course Luton Airport.

Bell specialise in the design, manufacture and supply of presentation packaging. Traditionally our packaging is used to present products in shops, department stores and DIY outlets. Typical examples include confectionary, gifts, fashion and cosmetics.

With the arrival of COVID-19 in February 2020, the high street and our key customers closed. The orders stopped and our factory was left with nothing to produce. No-one knew what was going to happen next and the business was faced with some tough decisions. Reluctantly we furloughed 30 per cent of our staff which left the rest of the team to complete any outstanding orders.

We had been approached by Lloyds Pharmacy to develop a face visor for their frontline staff. Working in conjunction with Mark Ellis of Waybury Limited, Bell developed a solution and 40,000 visors were produced and delivered to over 1,500 chemists and pharmacies within 12 days.

To achieve this, we had to work night and day, weekends became weekdays but everyone knew we had to get the frontline staff of Lloyds protected to ensure everyone could access the necessary medication, prescriptions and medical support services we all need. The response to the visors from the Lloyds staff was fantastic. Tik Tok videos, Facebook features and LinkedIn promotions were widely circulated and the face visor was delivered to other employees within the Lloyds Group.

The shortage of PPE in the UK had become a front page news item. Bell Managing Director, Peter Lennie decided to respond and contacted his consultant at the Lister Hospital who confirmed the acute shortage of eye protectors.

Once again the design team at Bell and Waybury got to work and a new visor was developed which incorporates a foam block which makes the visor comfortable to wear. The design was tested extensively within many departments at the Lister Hospital who then introduced Watford General Hospital who had run out of this PPE. The Bell manufacturing units got to work and over 50,000 eye protectors were produced with deliveries arriving within seven days.

images of bell visor

The feedback from both hospitals has been fantastic:

West Herts NHS Trust, mentioned “you guys were brilliant”.

Lister Hospital, said "thank you to Bell for helping to protect us”.

Clearly we had something good to offer but delivery times were the issue so Bell increased their capacity by doubling the number of production lines bringing weekly production capacity up to 300,000 protectors per week.

With over 10,000 visors in stock, Bell offer very fast delivery at competitive rate.

For samples and more information, visit Bell Packaging's new website, Faceguards or contact their head office at Airport Way on 01582 459292 or email them at [email protected]

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