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Luton Borough Council

Community funding

Luton Rising recognises its major role in Luton and the surrounding area as a driver of economic growth.
At the same time it appreciates its social responsibility towards those same communities affected by its presence.

Through its community funding scheme Luton Rising provides money to a wide range of community groups and organisations in Luton and the surrounding area.

Since 2004 it has given over £140m, which has been used in a variety of ways by charities, clubs and societies. This money is given to:
  • empower, support and protect the vulnerable
  • improve health and promote health equality
  • improve life and learning opportunities for all
  • create a vibrant environment where businesses thrive and prosper
  • reduce crime, antisocial behaviour and the fear it causes
  • protect and enhance the quality of the natural and built environment
  • strengthen community cohesion
We’ve collected some stories that show what a difference this financial support is making to the lives of people these groups support and represent.

This area is updated regularly, so come back again to learn more about the difference Luton Rising funding is making.
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