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Luton Borough Council

Luton’s skills and employability

Skills and employability strategy has been produced to address Luton’s skills shortage and unemployment issues.

It was developed by the Council and its partners in the skills and employability sector and is key to driving forward substantial change in Luton to enable its residents to prosper by improving their skills, creating better employment opportunities and enabling them to fulfil their potential.

For skill, we mean the ability to do something well, competence arising from training or experience.

For employability, we mean the abilities, knowledge and mindset to acquire employment, maintain employment, and change employment throughout life. This may include self-employment, enterprise or social enterprise.

The  Vision:
Luton will have a skilled workforce, creating better opportunities and supporting a vibrant business economy.
This includes developing a culture of aspiration and high achievement that provides the skills for the sustained development of the Luton economy and improves the life chances of all residents.
The Skills and Employability Strategy will encourage employers and individuals to take joint responsibility for  up-skilling Luton’s workforce.
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