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Social Value

We’re calling on the town’s businesses to donate trees for the Jubilee

By donating to the 'plant a tree for the Jubilee' campaign, your business could help to create a lasting, sustainable legacy that the town can enjoy for generations to come. You'll be:

  • commemorating Her Majesty’s seventy year reign
  • enhancing the town’s biodiversity
  • contributing to our ambitions for a carbon neutral Luton by 2040

Find out how to plant a tree for the Jubilee


This section is where you’ll find advice and guidance about how we ask you to support Luton Council to include Social Value in your tender bid.

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The Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012 states:

Public authorities are required to ‘consider, prior to undertaking the procurement process, how any services procured (whether covered by the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 or otherwise) might improve economic, social and environmental well-being.

What does that mean?

By adding that little bit extra to a contract (for free), it will help to improve Luton’s Economic, Social and Environmental wellbeing and will support us to reach our 2040 vision and Net Zero targets.

Luton Council add Social Value questions to the tender documentation. It’s similar to the evaluation questions but focuses on what Social Value you can offer. We will ask bidders to submit their Social Value offer with their bid, this will be evaluated and scored alongside price and the quality evaluation criteria.

Social Value is considered so important to Luton, it forms up to 20 percent of the overall score. The remaining 80 percent will be a split between quality and price.


Social Value pillars

  • Social
    A balanced community (where equality, diversity, inclusion and cohesion matter) - Wellbeing
  • Economic
    COVID-19 recovery – Tackling economic inequality
  • Environmental
    Fighting climate change

Think of the context and value of the contract you are bidding for.

Your offer should be relevant to the contract, and the offer should be proportionate to the value.

We don’t want you to go out of business or overestimate the price and loose the bid. We would like you to offer what you can deliver. Sometimes what you consider to be the smallest offer, makes a huge difference to the communities in Luton.

Within the tender documentation will be information on how to contact our partner organisation who can help you to make contact with the organisation or community groups who would most benefit from your Social Value offer.

We will expect you to contact the organisation or community group to discuss the offer with them.

If you are successful in your bid, during the term of the contract and when you are ready to deliver the offer, make further contact with the organisation who would benefit from your offer and arrange when is best for you to deliver it with them.

When we hold operational contract management meetings, we will discuss how you are getting on with delivering your Social Value offer, this may be face to face, however more likely to be virtual.



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