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Luton Borough Council

Ending the tenancy

2.1 Written notice

If you want to leave you will need to give the council written notice of your intention to leave as set out in your Tenancy Agreement.

  • Notice of termination must be given in writing and served on the Council, specifying the address and giving the notice period to end on specific date
  • The rent will need to be paid up to and including the last day of the term. If your departure date is not a rent day, the Council will refund any overpayment of rent
  • You will need to pay any service charge for which you are responsible
  • If you have a lease, please refer to Fixed Assets division for advice as to whether you are allowed to leave before the end of the contractual term
  • If you wish to assign your tenancy or lease, please contact us promptly for our consent before proceeding

Unless we are notified you will continue to be responsible for rent, service charge and rates.

2.2 Repair decorating and condition

Before you leave the Council will arrange to inspect the premises to ensure you have met all your responsibilities.
You must give the Council full vacant possession and leave the premises in good and substantial repair. All tenants’ goods and fixtures and fittings must be removed from the premises and any damage caused to the premises by their removal must be amended. The property must be left clean and tidy and suitable for immediate reoccupation.
You must provide a completion certificate from a qualified electrician who confirms that the wiring complies with legislation and is safe to use.

2.3 When you leave

On the date you leave you will need to:
  • Read all supply meters and notify the suppliers of your departure
  • Secure the property and return all the keys to Luton Borough Council. Please note that returning the keys before the agreed vacation date will not terminate your liability unless previously agreed in writing by the Council
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