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Luton Borough Council

Discounts, reliefs or exemptions?

The discounts and reliefs from non-domestic rates do not apply to the BID levy.

Properties with a rateable value of less than £12,001 are exempt from the BID levy.
Charity shops, hostels, places of refuge or rehabilitation where the rates are paid by a charitable organisation will be exempt from the levy for that hereditament only. Any other hereditament where rates are paid by a charitable organisation will be included. Places of religious worship will be excluded. Market stalls will also be excluded.

As a charity or a not-for-profit organisation do they still need to pay?

Charity shops occupied by a charity are exempt from the BID levy, but the levy is payable in respect of offices and other properties occupied by charities. There is no reduction or exemption for other not-for-profit organisations.

Is there an increase in the BID levy each year?

There will be an annual inflationary increase of all levy charges (including fixed band charges) year on year for the duration of the Business Improvement District. This will be a minimum of 3% increase year on year or the inflation percentage as determined by the Consumer Price Index as at the 1st September of the year before the next billing process, whichever is the greater, rounded to the nearest tenth of a penny. Negative inflation will not apply. Inflation will not apply for the first billing cycle in 2020.
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