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Luton Borough Council

Community spaces


We know that the cost of living is impacting people in a number of ways and it’s a stressful time for many. As such Luton Council, along with our partners in the voluntary and charitable sector and faith organisations are hosting community spaces.

A community space is somewhere you can stay warm and get a warm drink. Some organisations will also offer additional activities or food provision.

Community spaces will be heated, safe and friendly places where you can comfortably spend time reading, studying or chatting with others.

Find your nearest community space

We have created a map of free community spaces that you can go to during the colder months. You can search for a space near you.

View the community spaces map

I-phone showing map of community food spaces in Luton  

Our community space charter

  • You'll get a warm welcome
    Every time you come to a community space you'll be given a warm welcome from the staff and volunteers there.
  • Everyone is treated equally, with dignity and respect
    Everyone has a right to be warm, so everyone in a community space treats people, and is treated by people, with dignity and respect.
  • Your community space will be a safe space
    The space will stick to the safeguarding policies that it always uses, and it will stick to food hygiene rules too!.
  • We'll not tell anyone about your needing a community space
    If you want to share the reasons you need a community space, someone will listen, but they won't tell anyone else unless you give them permission, or they must because of their safeguarding policies.
  • It doesn't matter why you want to use a space
    Every community space is a non-judgemental space; whatever the reason you have for needing to come in, you'll be treated the same and never judged.
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