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Luton Borough Council

Complete a Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction review form


If you claim Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction, we may review your claim from time to time and ask you to confirm your current circumstances using the form below.

This is to ensure that:

  • the details we have are correct
  • you're being paid the benefits you're entitled to

Your claim could be selected for a review at any time. There are no fixed intervals.

To minimise the risk of fraud and error in the benefits system, we'll periodically review a proportion of our current caseload.

Throughout the year we'll select claims through a variety of mechanisms, and in collaboration with other government departments and agencies. Our aim is to identify undeclared changes in circumstance.

This includes:

  • unreported increases in income
  • changes to capital
  • changes in household composition

Complete a benefits review

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