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Luton Borough Council

26/10/2020 - Free school meals - Luton responds


Luton Council has been deeply impressed but not at all surprised by the number of local businesses and organisations that have stepped in to provide meals for schoolchildren this half term.

Once again Luton’s amazing community has shown itself to be quick to show concern and care for the vulnerable at this time of economic hardship for so many.

As a council we are joining with many others across the country asking for the government to provide the necessary funding to ensure that those families in poverty do not have to endure a difficult week over half term, Christmas and future school holidays.

Clearly, where there is need it is imperative that there is practical response and Luton Council has identified some funding to work with businesses and the voluntary and community sector to make sure that no children go hungry.

We will confirm the details on how we are going to do this tomorrow (Tuesday 27 October 2020).

Only last week we launched our ‘Luton 2020-2040 A place to thrive’ campaign through which we as a council and our partners are working toward a shared vision across the town to reduce health inequalities and to protect our most disadvantaged residents and to enable everyone in Luton to thrive. This will be a very practical example of this commitment.

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