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Luton Borough Council


Service updates during the coronavirus crisis

Following government advice, we’ve had to make changes to many of our services. Please see the information on coronavirus page, which is regularly updated as new information and advice is released.

Specific service updates can be found on this page.

Luton Council service changes

Bin collection days, tidy tips, special collections for large items, commercial waste

Do I need building regulation approval and how do I apply?

Luton Council is taking action on climate change.

Planning applications, building regulations, planning enforcement and conservation

Pollution, health and safety, food control

Stray or lost dogs, animal fouling, micro chipping/ registration, dangerous dogs

Abandoned vehicles, fly-tipping, graffiti, litter, CCTV

Buildings, conservation and local land charges

Pest control services for the home and business, how to book a pest control service.

Local flood strategy, what can I do, who does what, flood investigations, flood investigations

Includes fly-tipping, litter, dog foul, weeds and dead animals.

Finding ways to help reduce our carbon footprint.

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