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Luton Borough Council

Executive summary


Luton is a dynamic and diverse town which is growing and improving. Housing is essential to our wider vision for investment, economic development and wellbeing.

A high quality, balanced, housing market supports Luton’s thriving local economy and vibrant cultural life. So we want to offer a range of homes to people across the housing market. We work to deliver the low cost rented homes which are needed by local people on lower incomes and to ensure that all rented homes have high standards.

With house prices which are more affordable than surrounding areas, we create opportunities to get onto the housing ladder through shared ownership in partnership with housing associations, and through the construction of smaller homes for first time buyers.

We're supporting an increasing aspirational offer of larger homes, so that families can stay and maintain roots in the town. Delivering the right balance is key to the town’s success and sits at the heart of our housing strategy.

Our housing challenges include:

  • reducing homelessness and rough sleeping
  • getting more homes built to meet local needs
  • improving Luton as a place to live
  • ensuring that people with differing needs can live well

We have limited land within the borough for new homes and we need to maximise this by building the right range of homes for our current need and future aspirations.

Luton has seen housing costs rise significantly over the last two years. Higher house prices and rents have made it more difficult for some people to afford a suitable home. Incomes are rising in Luton but there are areas of deprivation and clear evidence of housing pressures such as overcrowding and homelessness which impact on wellbeing.

Our population is changing fast and we have a high proportion of young people and a growing older population too. Matching housing to the specific needs of our ethnically diverse and ageing population is a core ambition of our strategy.

Our housing strategy sets out the issues and what we plan to do to deliver the quality homes and housing services our residents need.

We set out ambitious targets for new housebuilding and the council is an active part of the local housing market, building a mixture of high quality homes for sale and to rent.

We expect 3500 homes to be built in Luton by 2022, of which at least 700 will be affordable homes provided by the council or its partners, responding to the new opportunities created through council housing finance.

We’ll measure our success by feedback from residents about their experience of living in Luton and from key performance indicators such as the:

  • number of households in temporary accommodation
  • investment in improvements to homes across the borough

Partnerships will be central to our delivery of services and capital projects. We work positively both across the council and with external partners from the business, voluntary and statutory sectors. Many of our ambitions will be met through both local and sub regional partnerships.

By 2022, there will be a greater range of affordable and aspirational homes in Luton, in neighbourhoods which are quality places to live. Homes will meet the variety of specialist needs which exist and be warm and safe so everyone can have a good quality of life.

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  • Ended the use of bed and breakfast accommodation for homeless households and saved over £4 million in cost
  • Adopted a new Local Plan
  • Refreshed our tenant engagement activity
  • Completed phase one of Marsh Farm regeneration with shops and affordable homes
  • 97 per cent satisfaction levels with our repairs service, BTS
  • Established a housing company, Foxhall Homes
  • Tackled rogue landlords and poor quality private sector homes through licensing schemes

Read about our headline strategic ambitions next...

  1. We'll support the delivery of 3500 new homes by 2022 - at least 700 will be affordable homes.
  2. We'll be a significant local developer, completing over 400 homes by 2022.
  3. We'll work with developers to build more of the right homes for Luton – larger family homes, homes for older people and high quality homes.
  4. We'll work strategically with partners on wider growth opportunities which deliver transformational growth.
  1. We'll reduce rough sleeping by 50 per cent over two years.
  2. We'll reduce the number of households in temporary accommodation by 100 per year and reduce our use of nightly rate accommodation to zero by 2020.
  3. We'll work with partners to deliver specialist support for homeless people including a Housing First scheme and a review of supported accommodation.
  4. We'll improve our processing time for homelessness applications to help people move on more quickly.
  1. We'll commission a housing condition survey to inform our activity in improving private sector housing conditions.
  2. We'll reduce fuel poverty by 25 per cent over three years.
  3. We'll build new homes to high quality standards and manage our estates well.
  4. We'll secure external funding
  1. We'll work in partnership across the council and with others to deliver the homes and services which meet specialist needs including people affected by domestic violence and mental illness, children leaving care and migrants without recourse to public funds.
  2. We'll deliver services, adaptations and new homes which meet the needs of disabled and older people.
  3. We'll support wider initiatives such as Transforming Care which provide housing options for people with learning disabilities.

Delivery approach

The substantial action plan linked to this strategy will be monitored by Housing Strategy staff, and progress tracked via relevant working groups and partnership boards.


Download the Housing strategy 2019-22 (pdf/a)
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