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Arrangements, funding and reporting


Summer term arrangements

During the summer term 2018, the Pupil Premium Plus (PP+) grant for looked after children (LAC) to Luton, will be administered directly into schools’ accounts at a rate of £700 per eligible child.
For LAC in year 1,1 the instalments will be sent to our Finance department by Friday 20 April for BACS payments to be made accordingly, without delay, so any targeted support can be spent directly on that young person to assist with support towards their forthcoming examinations. 
For all other LAC in years reception to 10, the summer term instalment will be sent to our Finance Department by Friday 25 May for BACS payments to be made accordingly. 

Autumn and spring term arrangements

For the autumn and spring terms, the £700 instalment will be dependent upon a completed personal education plan (PEP) for all year groups.
The funding will continue to be monitored via the PEP and schools will be accountable for this spend, which must be linked to the PEP and the targets. In addition all money allocated must be spent on the child and focused on improving outcomes.
A good resource to support schools and settings can be found using the button below..

Education Endowment Foundation

Additional funding

Additional funding can be requested and will be considered on an individual basis at the discretion of the virtual school.
Where a high level of funding is required to meet the needs of the child, an application should be made for higher needs funding. PP+ will not be used as an alternative to higher needs funding.

Reporting on the impact of PP+

Schools will be required to report on the impact of the use of PP+ for individual LAC on a termly basis using the PEP.
Through Ofsted inspections, schools will be held accountable for the educational attainment and progress of all disadvantaged pupils who attract pupil premium including LAC.

Allocations are for Luton LAC only

Other local authorities who place LAC in Luton schools will have their own arrangements for administering PP+.
Please contact the virtual school of the child’s home authority to clarify their PP+ arrangements.
In respect of out of borough schools who have not had Luton LAC on their roll before, the attached new creditor form will be required to be completed and returned so that the bank details can be entered onto our finance system and payment made accordingly.

Any queries regarding the above policy on PP+ funding should be directed to:

Michelle Wright

07834 617 857

Matthew Sims

01582 548113
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