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This is a specialist service which works with 3 to 16 year olds with a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder.

We offer advice and support for parents, carers and schools, and accept referrals from a range of professionals in consultation with the family.

Autism support

Find local autism support services on Luton Directory.

Autism support listing

Families in Luton Autism Group (FLAG)

FLAG meetings provide parents with an opportunity to discuss issues with other families and carers, teachers, early years advisors and support workers.

More about FLAG

The Autism  Support Service offers children young people and their families the following:

  • support to families from point of diagnosis and ongoing support through Families in Luton Autism Group (FLAG)
  • discussion with staff regarding practical strategies to help referred child access their learning and provide the best possible learning environment for pupils with autistic spectrum difficulties
  • support in setting targets for referred child’s individual education plan
  • support when planning for referred child’s move to school or to their next school
  • training for staff in referred child’s setting if requested
  • liaison with other educational, health and social services.
  • advice on developing your child’s social interaction, social communication and flexible thinking 

The Autism Spectrum team offer schools the following:

  • classroom or setting observation with staff consultation to identify specific barriers to learning
  • advice and support strategies provided in a written report
  • advisory teacher meets with staff for 'surgery' where children are discussed and advice given during the session

Support for specialist ASC (autism spectrum condition) provisions:

  • advisory teacher meets with staff for 'surgery' where children are discussed and advice given during the session
  • training on autism/aspergers with focus agreed by school for delivery to staff and governors
  • online inset: understanding autistic spectrum disorders - details from contacts below
  • practical support, training and role modelling to individual or small groups of staff
  • specialist input also available for 0 to 5s
  • meetings with families, advising on structured approach ie schedules and work systems

How to refer

We accept referrals from a range of professionals. Children will usually have a diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder or condition to be accepted onto caseload. Parents must be consulted and agree to the referral.

Assessment is carried out in school or setting. In exceptional cases this sometimes undertaken in child’s home.

Who are we?

Our team consists of two advisory teachers for pupils aged from 7 to 16+ years and two advisors for the Early Years aged between 3 to 7 years.

Staff are well qualified and highly experienced in supporting children on the autism spectrum.

The Autism Support Service is available as a traded service for academies and free schools in Luton, as well as to schools beyond Luton and private schools.


For details of costs, please contact:

Karen Thomas
01582 548168
Email: [email protected]

Contact info
Special Educational Needs Service (SENS)
The Leagrave Centre,Strangers Way,, Luton, LU4 9ND
Tel: 01582 548151

[email protected]


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