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Lists and bullet points
Lists and/or bullet points can break down information into manageable chunks. Don't use full stops or semi-colons to punctuate your list.
Aim for a maximum of five bullet points as a guide. Use numbered lists if there is a priority to the order.
Start the lead-in line with a capital letter and then use lower case, following the example below.
You can use bullet points to make text easier to read. Make sure that:
  • the bullets make sense running on from the lead-in line
  • you use lower case at the start of each bullet
  • you don’t use more than once sentence per bullet point – use commas or dashes to expand an item
  • you don’t put ‘or’ or ‘and’ after a bullet
  • if you add links in an online document they appear within the bullet text and not as the entire bullet
Don't use a full stop at the end of the last bullet, there is no need.
Numbered lists and bullet points
Try to avoid. However, a numbered list can be useful when guiding a reader through a process.
The style is as follows:
And if needed:
    1. etc
Luton Council
Use initial capitals for the full name Luton Council, and when shortened it is ‘the council’.
Do not describe the council as ‘the authority’ or ‘the Local Authority’.
Wherever possible refer to us, we and our (see also style and tone of voice).
Use Luton Council for all purposes, apart from constitutional or legal matters eg democratic services, agendas, HR, contracts. In these instances, use Luton Borough Council.


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